What Does the Homecoming Court Actually Win?


With homecoming coming up this weekend, a lot of Vignette readers have been asking the same question: What exactly do the Homecoming King and Queen actually win? Well, ask no longer, because the Vignette’s investigative journalist whiz, Francine, has the whole thing figured out. Here are the illustrious 7 things every Homecoming King and Queen gets to take home with them after winning:

1) Ten coupons to Chill Will’s Wacky Daq Shack and Drive-in Theater
What a prize! CWWDS&DIT is, as everybody knows, the pride and joy of the Greater Houma area. Try and get the HoCo winner to slip you a wristband!

2) The crawfish supply for Crawfest
In honor of Homecoming Week, Tulane University dredges out six square acres of swamp and gives the crawfish findings to the Homecoming Court winners. Every year since this prize has been provided, the King and Queen have graciously given the crawfish to Tulane in order to put on the festival of Craw we all know and love. But technically there’s no rule that demands the winner give the crawfish up. In 1972 Hoco King “Ass” McBride tried to keep all the craw for himself, luckily his Queen Beyonce Rabinowitz set him straight and saved Crawfest. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Crawfest ‘18!

3) One free* year of Tulane’s laundry service
*Contingent upon having already paid for three years of Tulane’s laundry service

4) $165,000 cash prize!

5) The backup quarterback position on Tulane’s football team
In 13 of the past 15 years, the HoCo winners have quickly taken over the first spot on the depth chart. Rumor has it 2017 Candidate Patrick Magruder can throw a 65 yard pass, maybe he’ll get in a game!

6) brief respite and moment in the sun before a lifetime of normalcy that is soon forgotten

7) One free four-finger box combo from Cane’s
Cane’s chicken fingers: One love! <3


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