“We Fuck” – Tulane Holiday Sweater Slogan Both Controversial and Wildly Popular


Holiday sweaters are an icon of the winter season, and colleges and universities across the country have gotten in on the trend by selling sweaters featuring their school’s name or logo with a holiday twist. This year the Tulane Bookstore is home to the hottest sweaters in the nation, as Tulane’s unofficial slogan, “We Fuck”, has made its way onto the school’s holiday sweaters. All the way down the east coast from “near Boston you wouldn’t know the town but yeah I have a cardboard cutout of Tom Brady that I suck off every Sunday” to “just outside DC so I know the real truth about crooked Hillary and I flipped off Malia Obama in a Whole Foods once,” students, alumni, parents, and jewish grandparents who just want you to find a nice jewish future doctor to date are sporting the controversial sweaters.

The first individuals to purchase the sweaters, Chad and Brittney Charleston (both Freeman ’95, pictured above) were able to meet with The Vignette to discuss their take on the sweaters.

“We flew to NOLA from Long Island for Halloween because we learned last year getting fucked up off hand grenades and passing out in the middle of the street is frowned upon in the suburbs,” explained Chad. Britney continued, “Then we checked out campus the next day. I couldn’t even remember what I did at Tulane, I definitely don’t recall any classes.” Chad chimed in, “We fucked. I told my wife, when we were at Tulane we fucked. All the time. It’s what we did. We fucked. So when we saw the sweaters in the bookstore we had to get some for ourselves and one for our little future Pi Phi here.”

The bookstore also offers less controversial holiday sweater designs, including a Hannukah themed “Jew-Lane” and a Christmas “Mike Fitts Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

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