Uptown Campus Dining to Create World’s First Challahcopter

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a —– Challahcopter?!?!?! Fresh off their food truck high, Uptown Campus Dining is continuing to push the boundaries of campus food with the new Challahcopter©! The Challahcopter is rumored to bring fresh challah to the hungry students of Tulane by dropping the loaves from out of the sky. What some would call “foolish” or “attention-whoreish,” Tulane calls “a work of art” (see statue in front of Woldenberg). This tasty publicity stunt is sure to attract prospective students and distract from the shitty Bruff food!

One of the ringleaders in this innovative foodservice, Jerry Geraldson, commented with gusto, “I’m so excited for the Tulane students! This is what the people want! This is the greatest thing to happen to me!” Geraldson then began to hyperventilate while wheeze-cheering, “Cha-llah! Cha-llah!”

When asked for comment, President Fitts added, “I can’t believe I’m a part of this beautiful…” Fitts’ comment couldn’t be completed, as tears started violently streaming down his face.

Kendra Kerrington, one of the UCD employees set to work on the new Challahcopter, raised some important questions. “I don’t really get it. How are we going to take payments? What if the customers can’t catch the challah? What about the children?”

Uptown Campus Dining, however, is not concerned about the unanswered questions, preferring to “focus on the positives, and revel in being the first University to create such innovation.” In other news, Loyola has just started their very own “food golf cart.” We’ve heard it’s adorable.

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