Undercover Cop at Boot Brings Girl Back To Dorm

Undercover police officer Randy Montitus was seen taking a girl back to a dorm room last night, September 26th. This is the second girl Montitus has taken back this week.

“I was on duty with my partner Joe” Montitus explained, “We were patrolling, looking to give out some MIP’s, when this girl started dancing with me. At first I resisted but then she started doing this thing with her hips… before I knew it she was naked and under her covers.”

“I saw him start dancing with her, and then I lost him.” Partner Joe recalled, “The next time I saw him he was outside the boot leaving with the girl smiling with his tongue out, making harsh looking pelvic thrusts at me”.

Montitus was said to have been seen repeatedly trying to grab random girls’ butts as he walked back to the dorm with his girl.

“I went to highfive my bro the next morning only to realize I wasn’t in college anymore. Needless to say I was confused.” Monitius explained “I tried selling it off like I was just reallllly deep undercover. I don’t know if the chief bought it.”

“That mans a genius.” Remarked chief TUPD officer Reynolds. “He is so in.”

Montitus was seen the next morning walking back to his squad car, hair a mess, sperrys untied, button down shirt undone, and croakies hanging sideways off of his neck.

“I know that girl was drinking underage while dancing with me. Its just a matter of time before I call her, have sex with her again, and then totally bust her.”

“Its just part of his job” Said Montitus’s wife, “I know how important being undercover is to him. I mean, we need someway to feed our three children.”

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Montitus was seen at the Boot, Leaving With a Young College Girl

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