TUPD Leads Door Locking Workshop to Combat Recent Burglaries

Door Locking Demo

In the wake of recent off campus residential burglaries targeting unlocked homes, TUPD officers are leading a door locking workshop on McAlister, demonstrating latest key turning techniques and even providing onlookers with real unlocked doors to practice on.

“Let me put this in words you kids will understand,” said Officer Rick O’Shea chatting with a gaggle of bystanders. “You gotta pop, lock, and drop yourself into a safety-centered mindset…emphasis on the LOCK! And before you turn up, turn the lock. But seriously, deadbolt your door knobs.”

To prevent future robberies, TUPD also recommends closing all windows, leaving as few laptops on the front lawn as possible, and living in a dwelling with at least four connected walls.



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Door Locking Demo
Door Locking Demo

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