Tulane Vignette comes back with a swoo – Oh my God Lenny, LENNY! Stop the recording, this is serious.

After much thought and consideration, the incredibly large staff that brings you the Tulane Vignette has decided to come back this semester in full—HOLY SHIT stop the recording, stop transcribing what I’m saying, Oh my god.

The Vignette, a satirical newspaper that has been around for over two years now, decided this past Thursday that holy Christ Lenny what did you do, what the fuck did you just do…

What do you mean you did nothing? YOU CALL THAT NOTHING, LENNY YOU GODDAMN FARCE? No, no—don’t be a fuckin tattle Lenny, we can’t call the police now we’re too far in—YEAH BUT OUR FINGERPRINTS ARE EVERYWHERE.

You see what we have to do now Lenny? You see the shit I do for you- hey, HEY—I will always be there for you Lenny. Listen, I’ll go pull my car around, I’ll pop the trunk, and we can take this one step at a time… nice and slow… ok? Say OK Lenny, I need you to verbally say OK to me, right now… ok. Great.

This stays between you, me, and Lisa, ok? No one ever has to—holy shit is that thing still recording? LISA IS THAT STILL RECORDING?? You Need to shut that fuc—

Vignette writers report that this year will be bigger than ever, with our same brand new articles and semi recycled jokes. Enjoy!

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