Tulane Student? This Article Is So Relatable, Your Life As You Know It Will Become Meaningless!

This past week, TUPD were baffled when drinks, underage Gibson only in New Orleans French Quarter, Hullabaloo!

Freshman Lil’ John said, “50 Cent shot night, too many drinks and administration. President Fitts, Sharp has parties more than Butler, remember Rocco’s? Jazz is soul, also the ball statue and sad Mickey Mouse.”

This comes weeks after the Dough Bowl is gone, Broadway Fraternities boil water advisory, oh no Hurricane; Boot dorm silly, academic quad, pot holes! TEMS, Bruff food is moderate, Luff food is slightly above moderate, The view from Gibson. Mardi party hardy? Working hard or hardly work hard play hard. Second semester rush is new football stadium Nico Marley remember girl from last night? Barely.

Boot pizza. Boot pizza Boot pizza Boot pizza, Boot pizza Boot pizza. Boot pizza? Boot pizza Boot pizza Boot pizza! Boot pizza Boot pizza: Boot pizza, Boot pizza. Boot. Pizza. Cheese fries.

When Tulane uptown Lavin Bernick Center, Panda Express! Orange chicken, wall of water fountain, Crawfest Newcomb girls. JL. Halloweekend Alligator! City Diner Shitty Diner Pancake that’s as big as your growing regret.


Best Semester Ever!

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