Tulane Student Accidentally Celebrates Purim

In a classic “only at  Tulane” moment, student Zurab Baratashvili accidentally celebrated Purim alongside what the rabbinical community is calling “pretty much the rest of the college community.”  Baratashvili, a freshman, came to Tulane from Montana to play tennis. He had never met a Jewish person before in his life, although he noted that he had “eaten a donut before, and that’s kind of like a bagel.” However, it wasn’t long before he was celebrating the debaucherous holiday with more religious fervor than even the most observant member of the tribe.


After learning the nature of the holiday, Baratashvili took his role in the celebration very seriously. “It helped that I really had no idea who He-man or Malachi were in the first place,” he said, referring to Haman and Mordechai, the villain and hero of the Purim story. “But just to make sure that I definitely couldn’t tell them apart, I drank enough fireball to fuel like nine million menorahs.”

Hundreds of Tulane students took a journey off-campus to celebrate the holiday, which commands the Jewish people to drink and be merry.  “Zurab began to understand Judaism on a completely new level,” commented a local rabbi, who joined in at the Boot’s Purim celebration.  “Though he said he had never been exposed to Judaism, its as if he was drinking God’s tears of joy and then barfing them up, before rallying in the most holy of manners.”

The Vignette reached out to Johanan bar Nafcha, primary author of the Jerusalem Talmud about the situation. Nafcha approved of the hijinks and noted that Baratashvili’s keg stand at an off-campus party following his escapades at the Boot was “totally Talmudical, bro.”

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