Tulane Senior reads tradition page on website: “Huh”

September 10th, Tulane Senior Rickard Applebaum accidentally clicked on the traditions page of the Tulane website when trying to log onto his Tulane email account.

Applebaum, who had previously not known a tradition page, or tradition, at Tulane existed was semi-baffled by the discovery.

“Yah know, I just sat there and said ‘huh, who knew?’”, recalled Applebaum while sharing a moment with Vignette reporters. “There was the Helluva Hullabaloo song, which I previously had just though was drunk ramblings one guy was yelling when I went to the first Tulane football game of my freshman year, but that’s actually a real song.”

The traditions page, which according to Tulane officials is “admittedly thin”, cites the Gibson Hall, Wall Residential College, and “Waving Goodbye” as  Tulane traditions. That’s real: http://tulane.edu/about/traditions.cfm. Two of those things are just buildings, the other a universal gesture.

Applebaum, while surprised to see certain things on the page, was admittedly more shocked at the absence of other things, questioning, “Where are all those great Tulane slogans we have come to love so much? Like the tradition of never going to The Boot until you’re so drunk you no longer have morals? Or that great phrase at Tulane… what is it.. something about birds… oh, Tulane where you always kill two birds with one stone, since you’re seeing double. Ooo! Or, Tulane, where the cup is always half full… of alcohol because the other half is mixer.”

In the end though, Applebaum decided to just forget about it and have a beer on the Phelps balcony at 9:00 am., as is Tulane tradition.

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