Student Leaving For Fall Break, Accidentally Schedules Flight For ‘Boot O’ Clock’

Wednesday, October 10, freshman student Dillon Gambit was surprised on arrival at the airport to find that he had accidentally booked his flight home for “Boot O’ Clock.”

“Shit, I don’t know what I was thinking,” said Gambit after realizing his mistake, “I mean I guess I just wanted my flight to be during a time when I knew I was having the best time possible. There should be a ‘Plane O’ Clock’, for a state of inebriation when, instead of being disgusted by all the gross shit on planes, you’re actually kind of turned on by them.”

Gambit was reportedly seen talking to the stewardess for 15 minutes before realizing he had meant to just say 2 P.M.

“We argued with him on the phone for at least an hour” Stated airline stewardess Regina Lee, “We kept asking him what time, and he kept insisting on ‘Boot O’ Clock’. Whenever we asked him when that was there would be a silence on the other end and he would just say, ‘it’s not yet, not yet’.”

“Boot O’Clock is a magical time.” Said Gambit “It occurs sometime between 11-2, but is never defined by the hour. It’s kind of like platform 9 ¾ in Harry Potter. You only know its there when your looking for it, and once you enter you feel like anything is possible.”

Gambit rescheduled his flight for Friday, but could not contain his discontent for the airport, “I don’t get it, this is the New Orleans airport, how could they not know what ‘Boot O’clock’ is?”

Airport officials have not been this confused since MC Hammer traveled to New Orleans and booked his flight for “Hammer Time”.

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