Student Does Not Understand Why Dark Lord Is Teaching Politics

When looking at available classes for second semester this past Monday, October 29, Tulane sophomore Conroy Gibbs could not understand why there was a political science class taught by the actor who plays Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies, James Carville.

“I don’t get it, what does he know about politics?” Asked a confused Gibbs looking baffled at his computer, “I thought his specialty would be dark arts, or maybe something chemistry based. But politics?”

James Carville, the only person to come out of the womb as a full adult, teaches a class here at Tulane, and is a regular political commentator of CNN.

“Wait- he is a political science teacher?” asked confused freshman Tony Trent, “I thought he was that movie star from that one movie Being John Malkovich.”

Carville has made an incredible recovery from his fall into Mount Doom at the end of the third Lord Of The Rings, and has been attending numerous rehab sessions for addiction to “his precious” ring.

When Gibbs rethought the idea of why the master of evil and destruction would be teaching a class on political structure, he wasn’t surprised. “Oh actually that makes a lot of sense.”

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