Six Signs You Go To Tulane!

Have you ever wondered, “Am I a Tulane student?” or, “Do I really belong at Tulane?” or, “Why didn’t dad ever come home from the grocery store?” If so, than this list will definitely answer those questions! These things are unique to Tulane students and Tulane students only – NO outsiders allowed, LOL!

1. You have eaten at the dining hall before. Dining hall food, am I right? UGH, so gross, but so very Tulane!

2.You can’t get good wifi. Us Tulane kids – and ONLY Tulane kids – would give an arm and a leg for wifi that’s a little bit faster! Seaux Tulane!

3. You have a foreign professor. Where else but Tulane would you have a foreign professor (who has probably tried really hard to get to where he/she is today and has made many sacrifices to come to this country)? Get rid of your accent, us Tulane kids have it hard enough!

4. You sometimes have to cram for exams. Where else but Tulane would you see students cramming the night before a test?!? We’re just too crazy and unique! Only at Tulane, only in New Orleans!

5. You get stressed out. Let’s face it, Tulane kids have to work really hard for everything, so we have a right to be frazzled and complain about how hard our lives are! After all, no one else anywhere has to put up with the hardship of 16 credit hours AND homework!! Work hard, play hard!

6. You are enrolled. Check online, are you enrolled as a student? Then you definitely go to Tulane! Being enrolled is such a key part of the Tulane experience that is unique to only this school!​

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