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OMG! I absolutely cannot believe I’m embarking on this journey. Much like great writers and philosophers, I will be traveling to Paris, France. I’m seaux excited to meet other Americans that are also studying abroad so we can do totally authentic things together and pretend that we’re French!! Here are some other things that I’m way pumped to do this semester in list form, because apparently that’s the only way society can handle information anymore!! LOL!!

  1. Eat tons of French Fries. “When in Rome,” right?? (oops, I meant “When in France!”)
  2. Sit in a cute little French café while reading fine literature, like
  3. Eat croissants with Nutella. This is the only country where those items are available so I better make it count, right?!?
  4. Go to the Louvre gift shop to buy a beret, and Instagram the Mona Lisa while I’m there! Then instagram myself !
  5. Instagram selfies with the caption, “Oh, just a typical day in France!”
  6. Instagram everything. Even things that are completely the same as in America.

Yayy, I’m so totally excited for all of these fun things, and I expect to be a completely changed woman when I come back! To all of my fans: don’t worry, I’ll keep this blog updated with info that only my mom cares about! To all of my haters: keep hating, and I’ll keep doing me. 😉

“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn (also me, LOLS!)

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