Radioactive Grandma Doesn’t Get New ‘Giant White Suit’ Fad

This past week, The Vignette sat down to talk about changing trends in today’s youth with local Tulane grandmother Meredith Kinsly, who, in a regrettable mix-up, was exposed to extremely high levels of radioactive gamma rays at a local carnival. This is a brief excerpt from our conversation:

“… and I remember back when grandpa Papi came back from the war, it was a nice simple button down shirt, tucked into kahki pants. Oh no, not anymore with the kids these days. Now all anybody wears are these big white suits, with the huge square helmets that make noise when they breathe. It’s crazy!

“And that’s not all, all the youth want to talk to you about is, ‘did you shoot fire out of your eyes again today?’ and ‘how did you move that desk with your mind’ or even ‘That Miley Cyrus and her tuchus cause so much trouble!’ What happened to a nice ‘Hello Mrs. Kinsly, is Jimmy around to play?’ It’s like a whole different world now. And don’t get me started on their rock music!”

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