No One More Excited For Basketball Season Than Football Team

With college basketball season fast upcoming, excitement for Green Wave hoops is at an all time high, much to the delight of the football team.

“Enough of us, lets talk about basketball!” Said Tulane defensive end Jonathan Montania, “I really like their chances this year. What’s most important though is that they have fan support, so all of the Tulane Sports fans out there should back them up 100 percent. Really though, they should put all of their attention and energy into basketball. All of it.”

Tulane football this year may be one of the only teams in the history of college football to not be able to score their AP ranking of 124 the entire year.

“It’s been strange so far,” commented Basketball start Derrick Donovan, “Today was our first day of practice, so it’s usually just the team who shows up. This year though the entire football team was in the stands rooting us on. After practice finished they all just kept thanking us and shaking our hands… it was kind of nice.”

Green Wave basketball press representative Oscar Johnson did not take the new found attention from the football team so well though.

“What? Excited for basketball? I think you mean baseball! Yeah, baseball is going to be great this year, we should really keep all of our attention on baseball. All of it.”

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