Mardi Gras Rando Still Trailing Two Feet Behind Group

Mardi Gras has officially been over for a full week, but it has left many Tulane students with a lot of unanswered questions and questionable answers. The most peculiar of them all was brought to The Vignette by junior Kenny Davis, who reported that he and his friends are still being followed by a Mardi Gras Rando.


Kenny first encountered The Rando at Muses. Nearly 20 floats had passed before the group realized that they had all assumed he belonged to someone else, when, in fact, no one knew him. “He was wearing this green Mardi Gras shirt that I thought I saw one of Matt’s friends wearing, so I figured it was that guy,” said Kevin, still perplexed by the striking similarity between the festive shirts.


Despite persistently telling The Rando “Yeah, we’re gonna head back now,” and even going so far as to claim they were attending class the next day in an effort to ditch him, The Rando followed Kenny’s group back to campus at the conclusion of the parade. The Rando’s only responses were “I’m up for whatever” and “No yeah this is totally fine.”


“We still don’t know his name,” confessed Luke. “On Lundi Gras, I thought we might finally get rid of him. We were by the Rite Aid and he ran into someone he knew, but he just said hi and then kept following us. I think they called him Nate, but they also might have been saying mate because they sounded kind of Australian.”


In the past week, The Rando has made several appearances in Kenny’s Spanish class, catching his quizzes his professor throws back to him while shouting, “Throw me somethin’ Señora!” The Rando was later seen waiting for Kenny outside the bathroom in between classes, offering Purel from the fanny pack he was still wearing. He has also reportedly suggested to Kenny’s group that they all go to the nearest Rally’s or McDonald’s for every single meal every day since Muses.


When asked for comment about the week post-Mardi Gras, all The Rando could mutter was “What yeah no, this is totally fun. I’m good with anything.” The Rando plans to continue to be a leech that awkwardly sucks the fun out of Kenny’s friends’ weekend and is “totally down” to hit up Bethesda, MD with Kenny over spring break.


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