Freshmen Can’t Believe How Cool They’ve Become

Steph Jeeberman: I feel like a totally different person, I can’t wait to move into Phelps; the ‘Phirby’ community is so fun-loving, and I love the vintage flair of the rooms. I might not even need insta filters with that kind of lighting. So derelicte!

Chris Bartholomew: My work hard play hard motto means that I shotgun natties with my TA and throw up half digested Panda and Daq on my professor during office hours.

Stephen Pickens: I saw the Stall Street journal thing about career-tide or whatever and I was just like, wow, I like reading, I’m totally majoring in Humanitaries. Stall Street Journal changed my life.

Gretl Gray: I’m going on a service trip to Bolivia this summer, I’m just so excited to escape the shallow bullshit of corporate America and like, connect with myself and change the world. I just finished Spanish 2030 and I go to Zumba every week so I really identify with Latin American culture already. Viva la migra!”

Rabid Possum (not pictured): “I love living in Warren! It’s the best! Roll Wave!”

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