Freshman Digs to Find Underground Fraternity

960x540.jpeg“It has been a long time, and a lot of work, but I heard that’s what pledging is, so I don’t mind.” Freshman boy Danny Hodge smiled, wiping the dirt and sweat from his brow. The future frat star had agreed to grant The Vignette exclusive access to his journey in pursuit of joining an underground fraternity.

Danny was in good spirits today, explaining that earlier he had found an old Kirkland lite beer can, which meant he must be close.

“When I first heard about underground frats, I knew that I wanted to be in one. I mean, I’m an anthropology and chemistry major so it just made sense. As an anthropologist I love digging for stuff, so finding an underground frat would be no problem, and as a chemistry major I love experimenting, and I heard underground frats love mixing things into drinks and seeing how unknowing girls react. If that isn’t the scientific process I don’t know what is!”

Danny didn’t seem too startled when we explained that because he had stopped attending classes to dig his hole, he was no longer a chemistry or anthropology major, but rather not attending Tulane.

“Well that is even more perfect! I hear half the guys in underground frats don’t attend classes!”

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