Fraternity Spikes Vat, Sorority Gets One Year Suspension


Tulane University has just charged the Psi chapter of the Sigma Mu Delta sorority with conduct violations for attending a party where Delta Iota Kappa fraternity members had spiked the drinks with xanax, roofies and rat poison. For their crimes, SMD was charged with underage drinking and being normal college women. Tulane has suspended the sorority for one year.

Mary Howser, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Programs, explained the reasoning behind the harsh punishment, saying “SMD had a responsibility to not drink the drugged vat that DIK had spiked with rat poison. They should know better.”

For the fraternity’s punishment, Delta Iota Kappa received an on-campus satellite house with a pool. When asked to comment, Delta Iota Kappa’s president, Mark Markenson, replied “Dilly Dilly!”

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