Cow Cat Reunited with Father

Yesterday, October 25th, with the help of Tulane’s genetics department and the cat ladies in the English department, the campus celebrity known as “Cow Cat” was finally reunited with his father. Cow Cat’s father, a Holtstein cow named Morris Davidovitz, let out a mournful moo upon seeing his long lost child. The reunion took place in Cudd Hall.

“Moooooo I’m so sorry I ran off to Baton Rouge and abandoned you and your mom mooooo,” said Davidovitz. The reunion was featured heavily on the Tulane Snapchat story. The meeting was so emotional that even Mr. Lloyd was seen shedding a tear. When reached for comment, Cow Cat let a Vignette reporter pet it for like a minute, then ran off.

The Ball Statue, seeing the scene of bovine/feline filial reconciliation, vowed to look for the hundreds of children it has fathered through the years. cow cat

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