Girl Went as a Cat for Halloween, Can’t Stop

This Halloween, sophomore Margaret Nelson wanted to throw it back to a classic costume and go as a black cat.

“But, like, I wasn’t one of those girls who wore a cheetah print shirt from the back of her closet, made it slutty and called it a day, I was waaaaay different. I had a black leotard and black tights and I drew whiskers and a cat nose on my face with eyeliner! And get this: I even wore cat ears,” explained Nelson as she pulled out a picture of herself, a tiger, and catwoman on Frenchman street.

Since that night, Nelson has not taken off the ensemble. Nearly two weeks after Halloween, Nelson still dutifully draws on her whiskers and nose every morning before class and retrieves her cat ears from their shelf in her Warren bathroom. Her friends are becoming concerned.

“I mean it was definitely weird at first,” said Nelson’s suitemate Rae Abbott, “but it’s only gotten weirder. She sleeps in that leotard and tights. A couple days ago we tried to talk to her about it but she just hissed at us and hid behind a curtain.”

According to Tulane psychology professor Gary Margarine, Nelson could be compensating for the recent loss of her cat Sushi. “In extreme cases of grief, people sometimes try to find things to replace their loved ones. I just worry that Ms. Nelson is beyond the point of no return. There is a chance she could remain like this forever,” Professor Margarine gravely explained as a single tear ran down his cheek (“I’m allergic to cats.”).

But according to Greta Scheinberg, the chair of the Voodoo department, there may be another explanation for Nelson’s activities: “Voodoo?”

“Oh, wait yeah it was probably Voodoo,” purred Nelson. “I chanted ‘All hail Bastet, the might God of campus cats’ under a full moon in the Carrollton graveyard after finishing off my vodka/gin/sprite-filled water bottle. I felt the spirit go inside of me and now I can’t get it out no matter what I do.” Nelson can be found chasing birds on the Sophomore Quad and staring at herself in the mirror for hours whispering ‘what have I done.’



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