CAPS Refers Students to Shake Therapy – Milkshake Shop Doing its Part to Cure Mental Illness


Tulane CAPS is committed to providing safe, inclusive, and difficult-to-schedule mental health services to all students. In an effort to enhance its student resources, CAPS will now refer students to Shake Therapy, a brand new off campus milkshake shop in Uptown New Orleans.

Shake Therapy is home to many highly trained licensed high schoolers making dairy treats topped with donuts, sprinkles, and a restored trust in your father. These servers, or “therapists” are there for you in your times of need, like when you are freaking out over where to take a first date, or when you give up on your Atkins diet for the third time. Shake Therapy provides a supportive and encouraging environment to eat your feelings and as many chocolate chip chunk milkshakes as you can stomach (for the low low price of $15 a scoop).

Students can contact CAPS or Shake Therapy for further information, and are encouraged to hashtag their instagrammed pictures of their milkshakes with #mykindoftherapy.


*****if you need mental health resources, contact CAPS at

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