Architecture Student Dies, Roommate Unaware for 3 Months

Liberal Arts student Kevin Mcman was surprised to find out yesterday, October 3rd that his architecture major roommate Benjamin Turman had been dead for three months.

“Damn, that’s really terrible, I can’t believe it.” Remarked Mcman when he found out the news from a local newspaper doing an investigative report. “I just figured he got home at 4 in the morning everyday, slept an hour, woke up at 5 then made his bed and went to the studio for the rest of the day.”

Turman apparently died on his journey from studio back to the dorms, three months ago. He reportedly suffered a brain aneurism while trying to think of a way to fit a cubical block into a rectangular drawer all whilst being trapped in a two dimensional cylinder of death on two of the three planes of existence, or Wednesday night homework as architecture students know it.

“Turman has been getting straight A’s these past 3 months” commented architecture professor Fredrick Albertson, also seemingly unaware of the students death, “He hasn’t come to a single class. That takes serious spunk. I like spunk. It takes a lot to look at a serious class and say ‘hey, you know what, I’m going to stay in my dorm today’. That’s spunk.”

“When they tell you that the graduating architecture class is only 50 people, you figure people just drop out a lot.” Said architecture Student Ryan Peters, “Its not true, they’re just the only ones who are still alive by the end of four years.”

This incident comes at a troubling time for the university, after last years incident when all of the junior chemical engineering majors disappeared into thin air.

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