8 Spring Break Options for When Daddy’s on a Budget

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Oh no! Spring break is fast approaching, but your third house in Tuscany fell into a sinkhole last month so money’s been tight recently. Never fear! There are plenty of great places to visit even when you have to watch your spending.

  1. Your fourth house in the Swiss Alps. Your snowy instas are sure to stand out!
  2. Did you know there are public Greek islands? Instead of owning or renting the entire land mass, you just buy or rent a mansion. Not as spacious, but just as gorgeous!
  3. Mars is obviously the next big thing, but help daddy out by taking a trip to the moon instead. It’s quaint!
  4. Try a stay-cation and hire an up-and-coming private chef to prepare all your meals. We suggest a runner-up from The Food Network’s hit series Chopped. Gordon Ramsay comes at a steep price, that British bastard.
  5. Instead of renting a whole Virgin Island, try staying on just the tip. It still counts!
  6. Vacation in Bordeaux, the second best city in France
  7. Vacation in Nice, the third best city in France
  8. To save some money on a family vacation, only take one private plane. Time will fly by as you show daddy all of the improvements you’ve made since you got it, like the crystal detailing on the curtains and jacuzzi in the bathroom. He’ll be so happy to see his money well spent.


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