8 Crystals You Need This Holiday Season


1. Rose quartz: For Family
Rose quartz is one of the most magical crystals that bestows healing and loving energy to those surrounding it. This one will help especially to bring your parents back together after that brutal divorce they had this past spring.

2. Sodalite: For Spirit
Sodalite is known to connect you with your sixth sense. Keep this crystal in your pocket and your plug will absolutely come through.

3. Selenite: For Smarts
Open note test.

4. Toumaline: For Luck
Keeping Tourmaline on you ensures double luck!! Make sure to keep this guy on ya during those late night Donald’s runs and the McFlurry machine will for sure be up and running! Works like a charm every time!

5. Obsidian: For More Spirit
This ol character brings healing energy and serenity when you need it. Plant this sucker under the tree to make sure your drug dealer cousin brings dabs to Christmas dinner.

6. Labradorite: For Peace
Labradorite gives that good good defense against whatever you tell it to protect you from. Keep it on you to make sure that neighbor you fucked ONE TIME leaves you alone at least this year.

7. Amazonite: For Lust
Everyone knows this crazy rock makes all your dang dreams come true! Swallow a few with your morning joe and your hot professor will add you on fb after grades are in!!

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