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Gift Guide for Your Invisible Diabetic Boyfriend


The holidays can be a stressful time, but especially if this is the first holiday season you’ll be spending with your invisible diabetic boyfriend. But don’t worry! The Vignette is here to help. We scoured the bookstore to find the top 13 gifts that will blow your invisible diabetic boyfriend’s mind!!



If you’re reading this you and your invisible diabetic boyfriend probably go to Tulane and need to show that Green Wave pride!


Hopefully, some of the recipes in this magazine are invisible diabetic friendly!



Even if your boyfriend is invisible, his pimples are not. Make sure he keeps that face cleansed so people don’t think you are dating a floating diabetic pimple.


Your invisible diabetic boyfriend modeled this outfit for the Vignette and boy does he look spiffy!


Put this luggage tag around your invisible diabetic boyfriend’s ankle so you can identify him as yours at baggage claim.


Even though your invisible diabetic boyfriend doesn’t reflect color, he might like to color!



Being invisible probably has something to do with physics so he might like these fun facts.

Being diabetic probably has something to do with chemistry so he might like these fun facts.




The only person harder to find in a crowd than your invisible diabetic boyfriend is Waldo! Make the IDB in your life feel like less of a freak with this calendar


Diabetes, invisibility, a significant other who reads Tulane Vignette–your IDB has a lot going on and could use some hacks!


Did you know Herbert Hoover was the first invisible diabetic to become president? Snag this for some IDBspiration!



This camouflage cap will help your IDB hide amongst the trees when he goes chupacabra hunting with your Grandpa Charlie over winter break!


Because👏even👏though👏he’s👏diabetic👏and👏invisible,👏you👏gotta 👏let 👏your 👏boyfriend 👏know👏 he 👏DADDY 👏AF👅👅🍆👅😍😍🙏🙌🙌🙌😭😭😭😭


Feel Old Yet? The Cast of ‘School of Rock’ is All Grown Up and Pretty Unresponsive to Our Persistent Instagram DM’s

2003 was a crazy year for millennials everywhere. Hilary Duff had just dropped Metamorphasis, the Motorola Razr was trendy, and Saddam Hussein was captured in Tikrit by the U.S. 4th Infantry Division! Yet undeniably perhaps the most exciting thing to come out of this golden year was Richard Linklater’s School of Rock. Deemed “…uncut bliss” by Slate, “A cathartic class comedy for kids of all sizes” by Time Out, and “A disturbing movie” according to IMDB commenter Andy-Goldfinger of Baltimore Maryland.

The feel-good movie has some catchy tunes that still get stuck in my head! Anyone who saw this movie growing up LOVED these characters! Zack, the guitar dude (DREAMY!) Freddy the drummer, (bad boy! Am I right ladies?!) and of COURSE Summer, played by Miranda Cosgrove who went on to be somewhat successful somehow! Well, get ready for your JAW TO DROP because these kids AGED! That’s right, since 2003, the cast of School of Rock got thirteen years older, and boy do they look it! Fortunately, most of them have Instagrams, and The Vignette has the inside scoop with some relatable, modern-day interviews with these rockers!


We started with Jordan Claire Green, who played Michelle in the film. She’s one of these two:  


Nowadays, Jordan seems to probably live in LA, and loves hiking AND hashtagging! LOL, we feel ya girl!


I reached out to Jordan in hopes of finding some common ground.


There was no response from Jordan, but that didn’t discourage me from reaching out to her look-alike, and co-groupie in the movie, Veronica Afferbach, (the other one in that same photo).

She hasn’t updated her instagram since 2011, so she’s definitely weird, but I gave her a chance anyway.


I tried to reel her in with some comedic intrigue, but still no response. She did play “Jump Roper One” in The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie so I probably should’ve tried her publicist!


I was feeling bold and decided to go for Joey Gaydos Jr. (Zack the emo guitar player) next. These days, Gaydos seems to still play guitar I guess, and is also hilarious!



He also has an earring I think?




I went for a friendly and spunky approach and I’m glad I did!




Nice try Joey, but even hot-shot celebs like you need to be called on your B.S! What kind of pasta is Ricotta? Things definitely took an uncomfortable turn here because Gaydos Jr. lowkey sucks. 


Even though Gaydor Jr. seemed pretty abrasive, I was pretty emboldened by my celeb interactions so I went for a very straight-forward approach with Robert Tsai  who played Lawrence the keyboard guy.



He did not respond however he DID follow me back and liked a few old photos so, ya win some ya lose some!

I thought that @jaclynneidenthal and I were becoming best friends until she turned around and stabbed the in the back. Ice cold, @jaclynneidenthal. Ice cold.


I decided to switch gears and offer some personal details about myself, hoping that would inspire these *stars* to open up.




They say the *stars* are just like us, but so far is kind of seems like they don’t know what popcorn is. Pretty freaky if you ask me!


Finally, as if failing to address the collapse of the housing market and the death of Osama Bin Laden in her hit TV show iCarly weren’t bad enough, Miranda Cosgrove is apparently still not staying up-to-date on current events.