10 Things to Buy With $40 Other Than The Boot Fast Pass

Disney World fast passes…but for drunks! If your family is too bougie for the lines at Disney World, you definitely don’t have the time to wait in the Boot line this Mardi Gras, and the $40 fast pass will keep you from associating with the riff raff in line. For those of you on the fence about buying a fast pass, here are 10 other things you can buy with $40

  1. 4 chicken shwarma from Lebanon Cafe
  2. 8 Juul pods
  3. An oil diffuser to calm down after being vomited on in the poor people line

  4. 1 shoebox of krokodil
  5. 18 days of the Tulane laundry service
  6. 26 minutes of guest time in Butler for either sex or half an episode of planet earth
  7. A Rally’s Franchise
  8. 4 PJ’s gift cards to drunkenly give to the professors you wanna fuck
  9. The Uber vomit fee in South Africa (I studied abroad! :)
  10. Donate to California WildFires!

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